QUIZ: What Kind Of Cook Are You?

What Kind Of Cook Are You

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    When you decide to cook, how do you usually start?

    • I look through my cookbooks or favorite cooking websites for inspiration.
    • NoI check what ingredients I have and then decide what to make.
    • I call a friend or family member for recipe ideas.
    • I just wing it with whatever I feel like eating.
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    How do you feel about following recipes?

    • I love following recipes to the letter.
    • I use them more as guidelines but often tweak a few things.
    • I only glance at them for the basic idea.
    • Recipes? I prefer to create my own dishes.
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    What’s your go-to dish when you have guests over?

    • A classic recipe that I’ve perfected over time.
    • Something new and exciting I’ve never tried before.
    • A family recipe that’s been passed down.
    • I usually ask my guests what they’re in the mood for and improvise.
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    How do you handle cooking disasters?

    • I try to fix it by looking up solutions online.
    • I make adjustments and usually end up with something unexpectedly good.
    • I laugh it off and order takeout.
    • Disaster? My intuition usually keeps me out of trouble.
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    What’s your kitchen organization style?

    • Everything has a label and is in its specific place.
    • Fairly organized, but I’m not too strict about it.
    • A bit chaotic, but I know where everything is.
    • Organized? I just go with the flow and use whatever I find.
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    How often do you try new ingredients or cooking techniques?

    • Occasionally, if it’s in a recipe I’m following.
    • Quite often; I like to experiment.
    • Rarely, I stick to what I know and like.
    • All the time, I love exploring and being creative.

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